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About Edusigns the cutting-edge innovator

George Masters founded Edusigns as Network Admin Training in 2001. Edusigns, the cutting-edge innovator. We can design cutting-edge innovative training in many formats including:

  • Instructor-led
  • Virtual
  • Blended
  • Totally online e-Learning

We built our first program for the California State Regional Occupational Program (ROP) in San Jose, CA. This cutting-edge innovative program was for high school and adult students. Up to this point, hands-on IT programs for high school were very limited.  Worse, there was no path to professional IT certification. Training high school students in network management would not be easy. The cutting-edge innovator met the challenge! The secret was to align the training to IT industry standards. The program became more relevant to the students.  After completing their training, students could take their IT certification exams.  Through this program, over 90% of the students got certified. It was the first of its kind in  California. It quickly spread to other ROP centers throughout the State.

Clients include:

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