Course: FGC-101 Certified FrameGrabber Associate

This course is the first course for a hypothetical technical product that is designed to show prospective clients some of the components we can design into their custom courses. All use modern principles of adult learning. Items can be produced with SCORM to allow your LMS to track student performance.

Since this is a sample course, we also provide sample instructor materials, including a sample PowerPoint slide deck within this course.

Note that the Courseware and Presentation for each module are the same. The Courseware plays in a player and the learner can easily navigate back and forth through the content. The Presentation is self-running. The user can stop and start the video, however, the control is finer for the Courseware versions of the content. They illustrate two different styles of designing eLearning modules.

  • Instructor Materials:

Lesson Guide
Lab Manual
PowerPoint Slide Deck (for instructor-led sessions)

  • Student Materials:

Student Textbook
Lab Manual

  • About this Course

Presentation: Course Introduction (0:50)
Courseware: Course Introduction

  • Module 1: Introducing the FrameGrabber Camera System

Presentation: Introducing the FrameGrabber Camera Subsystem (2:44)
Courseware: Introducing the FrameGrabber Camera Subsystem

  • Module 2: The Camera Subsystem

Presentation:  The Camera Subsystem (7:25)
Courseware: The Camera Subsystem

  • Lab 1: Building the Camera Subsystem (30:00)

Please refer to the Lab Manual for this course for lab objectives and procedures.

  • Module 3: The Fiber Optic Subsystem

Presentation: The Fiber Optic Subsystem (9:31)
Courseware: The Fiber-Optic Subsystem

  • Lab 2: Building the Fiber-Optic Subsystem (30:00)
  • Module 4: The Server-Side Subsystem

Presentation: The Server-Side Subsystem (6:49)
Courseware: The Server-Side Subsystem

  • Lab 3: Building the Server-Side Subsystem (30:00)

  • Module 5: The Camera Link Protocol

Presentation: The Camera Link Protocol (3:44)
Courseware: The Camera Link Protocol

  • Certification Examination

To earn your FrameGrabber Associate certificate, you must pass the exam with a score of 80% or better.

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